Uptown Greenville, NC


The Greenville region steers change by working together

 By BusinessNC  Anybody remember that phrase from 2009? It’s a phrase we live everyday in the Greenvillle, N.C., metropolitan area that includes all of Pitt County, whether or not we say the words. It’s who we are, what we do, and what our community has always been. Innovation and change steer our course, and we strive to collaborate like geese in formation, taking turns bearing the responsibility of leadership, but always together. Acceleration is the reward, as we fly higher, faster, and stronger.

Entrepreneurship is the first thought the three words bring to mind, and we are, indeed, incredibly proud of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. A significant part of our economy is composed of highly successful local startups such as Grady-White Boats, The Hammock Source, Mayne Pharmaceuticals, and Duck Rabbit Beer. A new generation of entrepreneurs are creating exciting new ventures in food and beverage, commercial/ retail, and personal care options.

That’s great, but it’s not all. Innovate...Collaborate...Accelerate.

Our major manufacturers maintain their success using those same principles. Their products and methods are the result of continuous innovation, whether it’s the controlled dissolve of a tablet or an unsinkable boat. Collaboration with a wide variety of partners ranging from utility providers to the ECU College of Engineering bring big ideas to fruition. Support for our corporate community enables our diversified industries to put down deep roots and accelerate growth.

Innovation, collaboration, and acceleration don’t stop at county lines. The BioPharma Crescent is our newest formalized relationship. Pitt, Wilson, Johnston, and Nash counties are home to most of North Carolina’s pharmaceutical manufacturing. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center and our educational institutions are actively involved. Our nascent brand is catching on fast and our project portfolios are accelerating daily.

Pitt County continues to grow and change through the efforts of many partners. We are adaptable to the changes that come our way and actively work to create the future we want. We are prepared to tackle important issues — workforce development, infrastructure, our “Cool Quotient,” and even our delivery of economic development services — as a team. We want to work together for positive change and grow in effective, sustainable ways.