Infrastructure & Transportation

Pitt County, North Carolina

Infrastructure & Transportation

Located halfway between the capital and the coast, in the heart of eastern North Carolina, Pitt County is a prime mid-Atlantic location with all the necessary options you need for your personal and business transportation needs.

Several major U.S. and state highways converge in the area to provide easy access to the state’s interstate highway system. With a local airport, PGV, providing commuter service to Charlotte 5 times daily and an easy 90 minute drive to RDU International Airport, you have various options to get you where you need to go.

CSX Transportation
1610 Forest Ave., Suite 120
Richmond, VA 23229

Norfolk Southern Corporation
1500 Carson Street
Raleigh, NC 27608

Carolina Coastal Railway
116 N. Bellevue Ave., Suite 206
Langhorne, PA 19047

Transportation Data

The Pitt County/Greenville area is centrally situated within eastern North Carolina. Several major U.S. and state highways converge in the area to provide easy access to the state’s interstate highway system. Two of the nation’s most extensive and financially healthy railroads traverse the county, intersecting in Greenville. The area is within 120 miles of three east coast ports capable of handling both bulk and containerized shipments. (For more information on NC Ports please visit  Air service is available through a local commuter airport with scheduled flights daily to Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport.

  • Approximately 30 common carriers have terminals within a 40 mile radius
  • Three major deep water ports within 120 miles (Wilmington, NC, Morehead City, NC, Norfolk, VA)
  • Two strong, financially healthy railroads crisscross the County (Norfolk Southern Railway and CSX Transportation)
  • Pitt-Greenville Airport in Greenville offers daily commuter service to Charlotte (Navaids ILS/DME)
  • Four lane highways to all North Carolina borders (I-95 is 38 miles west)
  • Highways free of toll roads


By virtue of its stature as a regional center, all freight services are available, including containerized freight service. Greenville is now considered the major and fastest growing service center east of Raleigh, North Carolina. Thirty carriers operate terminals in Pitt and surrounding counties and provide regular service to the area.

Motor Freight Carriers Serving The Pitt County/Greenville Area

AAA Cooper
ABF Freight Systems
Averitt Express
Barnes Transportation Service
R.D. Biggs TransportationOn callLTL/TLAllWilson
Capitol Atlantic Transit, Inc.On callTLInter/IntraSims
CargoCare TransportationOn callTLInter/IntraRocky Mount
Central Transport
On callLTL/TLAllSharpsburg
Conway Southern Express
Core CarolinaOn callTLAllRocky Mount
Crown Carriers
On callLTL/TLAllRocky Mount
Epes Transport
On callTLInter/IntraElm City
Estes Express Lines
Everett Express, Inc.On callTLAllTarboro
FedEx Freight
Forbes Transfer Co., Inc.DailyTLInter/IntraWilson
D.T. Grantham Trucking Co.On callTLInterGoldsboro
Madco Trucking Co.On callTLInterWilson
Mangum's Trucking, Inc.On callOLAllWilson
Old Dominion
DailyLTL/TLInter/IntraElm City
K.M. Pulley Trucking Co.DailyTLInter/IntraRocky Mount
R+L Carriers
Smith Transfer Co.On callTLInterWilson
Southeastern Freight Line
UPS Freight
Williamson Distributors, Inc.On callTLAllWilson
Wilson Trucking Co.
DailyLTLInter/IntraElm City
DailyLTL/TLInterRocky Mount



Note: OL (oversized loads)

Small Package/Parcel Pickup & Delivery

Carrier Frequency TerminalUnion
DHL Worldwide ExpressDailyGREENVILLE No
FedEx Express/GroundDailyGREENVILLE No
United Parcel ServiceDaily GREENVILLE Yes
US Postal ServiceDailyGREENVILLE Yes


UPS Ground Map – Business days in transit from Greenville,


Area Transfer & Storage Services

CompanyVan LineLocationTelephone
A&A Moving-Greenville(252) 830-4881
A&D RelocationMayflowerGoldsboro(252) 353-7009
ABC Moving & StorageNorth AmericanGreenville(252) 752-4500
Ace Movers-Greenville(252) 321-7045
Advance Moving & Storage-Winterville(252) 321-3200
Brooks Coast to Coast Transport-Washington(252) 927-3636
Horne Moving & StorageUnitedGoldsboro(252) 756-2612
TES Logistics-Greenville(252) 752-1515
Two Men and a Truck-Greenville(252) 353-2636
PODS-Greenville(252) 360-1989
Stallings Mobile Storage-Greenville(252) 321-2300


TES Logistics

TES Logistics is a provider of full service warehousing and distribution activities and is strategically located in the Greenville Industrial Park. Services offered include, but are not limited to, the following: handling and inspection of supply products and essential materials to facilitate control of inventories destined for manufacturing operations, custom packaging to reduce transportation costs, cross loading from rail-to-truck or truck-to-rail to minimize freight cost, handling of export/import material, and storage and handling of finished goods to be shipped directly to customers. TES has often provided distribution services during a transition period to insure continuity of delivery due to an expansion or relocation of facilities. Other services offered include contract assembly and rework services capable of efficiently executing short-run, long-run, and/or experimental projects. For more information, contact TES at (252) 752-1515.

Air Service

Pitt-Greenville Airport provides multiple commuter flights per day to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) and with RDU International Airport just 90 minutes west, you can reach the rest of the world with speed, ease, and convenience.

Pitt Greenville Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

RDU International Airport


Additional options for your business needs:

Global Transpark

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 214

Demographic variables and GIS data related to growing or expanding in Pitt County

Utilities Data

Five communities in Pitt County have water and wastewater (sewer) treatment facilities. Most systems are capable of treating industrial wastewater. Natural gas is available in sufficient quantities for process use in Ayden, Farmville, Winterville and Greenville; service could also be provided in the Grifton area for large users where use would justify the costs of extending nearby distribution or transmission lines. Electric service is distributed by Duke Energy Progress, Dominion Power, Edgecombe-Martin EMC, Pitt & Greene EMC, the Greenville Utilities Commission, and several municipalities.

  • Underground aquifers, the Tar River, and the Neuse River provide high quality adequate water supplies
  • Eight municipal and three rural community water systems serve the County
  • Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) operates a 22.5 mgd water plant
  • A 17.5 mgd wastewater treatment plant provides service to GUC customers
  • Piedmont Natural Gas and GUC supply natural gas to the area
  • Duke Energy Progress, Dominion Power, GUC, Pitt-Greene EMC, Edgecombe-Martin EMC and several municipalities distribute electric service to the County
  • Most power agencies offer discounted rates to large industrial customers


Greenville Utilities Commission
Natural Gas area served
Natural Gas rates and regulations
Natural Gas Information
Electric area served
Electric rates and regulations
Electric Information
Wastewater area served
Water and Wastewater Rates and Regulations
Wastewater Information
Water Area Served
Water and Wastewater Rates and Regulations
Water Information


Multi-Service Utility Providers

Ayden – provides electrical, water, and sewer service in-town and to some surrounding areas. 4144 West Ave., Ayden (252) 481-5821
Bethel – provides water and sewer service in-town and to some surrounding areas. P.O. Box 337, Bethel. (252) 818-0891
Farmville – provides electrical, water, and sewer service in-town and to some surrounding areas. 3672 N. Main St., Farmville. (252) 753-5774
Fountain provides electrical, water, and sewer service in-town and to some surrounding areas. P.O. Box 134, Fountain (252) 749-2881
Greenville Utilities Commission – provides electrical, water, sewer, and natural gas service to Greenville and surrounding communities in Pitt County. 401 S. Greene St, Greenville (252) 752-7166
Grimesland– provides water and sewer service in-town and to some areas outside of town. (252) 752-6337
Grifton – provides water and sewer service in-town and to some areas outside of town. 437-B Creekshore Drive, Grifton. (252) 524-5168
Winterville – provides electrical, water, and sewer service in-town and to some surrounding areas. 2571 Railroad St., Winterville (252) 756-2221


Additional Electrical Service Providers

Dominion Powerprovides electrical service to areas in northern Pitt County. (866) 366-4357
Duke Energy Progressprovides electrical service to areas of Pitt County near Farmville, Grifton, and Grimesland (800) 452-2777
Edgecombe-Martin County EMCprovides electrical service to areas in northern Pitt County (252) 823-2171
Pitt & Greene EMCprovides electrical service to areas of Pitt County near Farmville (252) 753-3128


Additional Water Providers

Eastern Pines Water Corporation 5442 Eastern Pines Rd., Greenville (252) 752-7420
Bell Arthur Water Corporation 2474 Bell Arthur Rd., Greenville (252) 752-6252
Stokes Regional Water Corporation 3607 NC 30, Stokes (252) 757-7751

Underground aquifers (most notably the Black Creek, Pee Dee, and Upper Cape Fear) and surface streams (Tar and Neuse Rivers) provide high quality water for the public and private water systems in Pitt County.  In 2000, the Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area Rules were adopted to protect the long term productivity of aquifers and limit groundwater withdrawals to a sustainable rate.In response to those rules, the Neuse Regional Water and Sewer Authority (NRWASA) was formed to develop regional solutions for meeting future resource needs for communities in southern Pitt and Lenoir Counties.  The Neuse River provides an abundant source of water that is treated using state-of-the-art technology to produce high quality drinking water. The water treatment plant, located in Lenoir County, was completed in 2008 and can produce up to 15 million gallons of water per day. In addition, over 78 miles of water transmission mains were constructed to carry treated water to each member entity’s water distribution system.  Pitt County members are: Town of Ayden, Town of Grifton, Bell Arthur Water Corporation, and Eastern Pines Water Corporation.  Lenoir County members include: City of Kinston, Town of Pink Hill, Deep Run Water Corporation, and North Lenoir Water Corporation.Other communities in Pitt County have also reduced their reliance on underground aquifers due to the capacity use restriction.  The Towns of Bethel, Farmville, and Winterville as well as the Stokes Regional Water Corporation have negotiated contracts with the Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) to purchase water supplied primarily by the Tar River.

Water Treatment Systems

CommunityElevated Storage/Capacity (millions of gallons)Water Source
Town of Ayden2 tanks3 Deep Wells/NRWASA
Bell Arthur Water Corporation6 tanks6 Deep Wells/NRWASA
Town of Bethel1 tank/.502 Deep Wells/GUC
Eastern Pines Water Corporation6 tanks/1.9510 Deep Wells/NRWASA
Town of Farmville4 tanks/3.3011 Deep Wells/GUC
Town of Fountain1 tankTown of Farmville
Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC)2 tanks/2.508 Deep Wells/Tar River
Town of Grifton1 tank/.262 Deep Wells/NRWASA
Town of Grimesland1 tank/.752 Deep Wells
Stokes Regional Water Corporation1 tank2 Deep Wells/GUC
Town of Winterville1 tank/.503 Deep Wells/GUC


In addition to communities that operate wastewater treatment plants, area rivers and soils are also capable of handling industrial wastewater. The Tar and Neuse Rivers (Contentnea Creek) have sufficient flows to receive treated wastewater. Pitt County soils are typically fine sandy loams capable of accepting high volumes of treated water from spray irrigation land application systems. The area’s mild climate makes this type of wastewater discharge very cost-effective in many circumstances.

Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage District (CMSD): The Towns of Grifton, Ayden, and Winterville jointly own and finance the operation of one regional wastewater treatment plant called Contentnea Metropolitan Sewerage Plant, located in Grifton on Creekshore Drive. Plant capacity is 2.85 million gallons daily and can be expanded to 3.6 mgd.

Wastewater (Sewer) Treatment Systems & Capacities (Millions of Gallons)

Community CapacityType of System
Ayden2.85 CMSD - Two-stage activated sludge
BethelServed by GUC
Farmville3.50Two-stage activated sludge with extended aeration
FountainServed by Town of Farmville
Greenville17.50Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) - Tertiary
Grifton2.85CMSD - Two-stage activated sludge
GrimeslandServed by GUC
Winterville2.85CMSD - Two-stage activated sludge

Additional Natural Gas Providers

Piedmont Natural Gas – provides natural gas service to Farmville(800) 752-7504.

Our location in eastern North Carolina puts us within reach of 3 ports. Let us help you determine the best option for your business needs.

Morehead City


NC Ports

Port of Virginia (Norfolk)