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Request for Qualifications: Procurement of Services for Industrial Shell Building

Request For Qualifications:
Procurement of Architectural & Engineering Services
Pitt County Development Commission Greenville North Carolina
Industrial Shell Building

The Pitt County Development Commission has approved soliciting requests for qualifications for the design and construction administration services related to construction of a new shell industrial building to be constructed on lot number six (6) within Indigreen Corporate Park (see attached map). The intended use of the shell industrial building will be for a life science or advanced manufacturing facility.

The Development Commission is hereby soliciting responses from capable and experienced architectural/engineering firms. It is incumbent upon the Architect/Engineer to form a team that fully addresses the needs and requirements of the Owner. Design and construction administration services will be procured through a qualification-based selection process, without regard to fee, in accordance with G.S. 143-64.31, G.S. 143.64.32 and G.S. 115C-521 (E).

The scope of work will include:

1. Design:

a. Building should be 60,000 – 75,000 sq ft expandable to 240,000 sq ft.
b. Site work: Minimal grading and storm water to meet minimal requirements. Other to be upfit by end user.
c. Walls: Painted tilt-up or pre-cast concrete wall panels (in accordance with development covenants).
d. Floor: Dirt /Gravel Floor (to be finished per end user specs).
e. Roof: Membrane system per designer’s recommendation. A premium will be put on a system that can be easily altered to accept end user alterations.
f. Ceiling Height: Per designer recommendations for intended use.
g. Column Spacing: Per designer recommendations for intended use.
h. Ventilation: Per designer recommendations for intended use.
i. Plumbing: To the building, appropriately sized for likely end user. To be upfit by end user.
j. Electrical: To the building, appropriately sized for likely end user. To be upfit by end user.
k. Lighting: Minimal temporary lighting (to be finished per end user specs).
l. Loading: Per designer recommendations for intended use.
m. Parking: minimal 5 paved parking spaces temporary (to be finished per end user specs in accordance with development covenants).

2. Qualifications:

a. A letter of interest and statement summarizing the entire team’s composition, interest, qualifications and experience for this type of work
specifically, shell industrial buildings and life science or advanced manufacturing facilities.
b. A listing of specific team members, their respective positions in their firm and role in performance of the design and administration work anticipated to be shown in an organization flow chart.
c. Provide descriptions of five (5) recent projects similar in scope to this project. Include construction costs, completion dates, client reference, project time, and budget. Include photographs, graphic illustrations and reports from similar work and projects.
d. Provide AIA certification or other licensing credentials for the firm and any individual team members.
e. Explain your method of managing construction. Identify person(s) to be involved with the construction phase. Describe how you determine who is responsible for change orders. Estimate how many site visits you expect this project will require. If your firm has multiple offices, define which office the project will be managed from.
f. Provide your firm’s certificate of insurance, professional liability (Errors and Omissions) insurance carrier, and the amount of professional liability.
g. Explain your firm’s Minority/Women Business Enterprise rules and how you assist clients and bidding contractors in meeting local government’s goals both in the areas for professional services and construction contracts.

3. Fee Proposal:

The Consultant will be selected based on qualifications. The Consultant is requested to provide an hourly fee schedule for each project team member. The hourly rates should include fringe benefits, indirect costs, and profit. The Consultant’s charge for reimbursable expenses should also be indicated. Upon selection of the most qualified Architect / Engineer, Pitt County will negotiate a reasonable fee with the successful firm. If negations are not successful, the next most qualified firm will be notified for fee negotiations.

Deadline for receipt of responses is Thursday December 11th 2014 at 3 pm. A short list of firms will be determined and the design teams will be interviewed with a selection being made by early January 2015.

All questions, inquiries and submittals shall be made only to:

Brad Hufford, Associate Director
Pitt County Development Commission
PO Box 837
Greenville, NC 27835-0837
Phone: 252.758.1989
Fax: 252.758.0128
Email: brad.hufford@pittcountync.gov