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Pitt County Industry of the Year Call for Nominations

Greenville, NC (November 30, 2009) —The Pitt County Development Commission IndustryFIRST Committee seeks your assistance in the selection of Industry of the Year. Please nominate an outstanding Pitt County manufacturer or distributor based on the criteria listed below; self-nominations are accepted. This year’s nominations are especially important to recognize companies that have been innovative and creative to adapt to the difficult economic climate of the past year. Deadline for nominations are January 11, 2010.

Human Sustainability: Maintaining human capital.
Examples include: Maintaining and developing employees’ health, education, skills, knowledge, leadership, safety, quality of life, and access to services.

Social Sustainability: Maintaining social capital.
Examples include: Investments and involvement in the community and a demonstrator of tolerance, compassion, fellowship, and commonly accepted standards of honesty, discipline, and ethics.

Economic Sustainability: Maintaining economic capital.
Examples include: Maintenance of capital through quality and/or productivity improvements, new technology products or services, and longevity, leadership, and achievement in a specific industry.

Environmental Sustainability: Maintaining environmental resources.
Examples include: Maintaining renewable and non-renewable resources through increased conservation and/or recycling activity, efforts to reduce carbon footprint and/or greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

Nominations may be mailed, phoned, faxed or e-mailed to:

Pitt County Development Commission
P.O. Box 837
Greenville, NC 27835
Phone: 252.758.1989 FAX: 252.758.0128
e-mail: jadawson@pittcountync.gov

Previous winners: Procter & Gamble, NACCO, Collins & Aikman, The Roberts Company (now TRC), Grady-White Boats, ASMO Inc., Winterville Machine Works, The Hammock Source, Acculink, DSM Inc., Metrics, Inc., and ECVC, Inc.

About Pitt County Development Commission
The Pitt County Development Commission recruits new industry and supports existing industry in Pitt County, NC. Its mission is to promote job growth, diversify the County’s economy, and expand the local tax base. To help fulfill this mission, PCDC maintains the IndustryFIRST program whose goal is to help retain and grow nearly 100 existing manufacturing and distribution firms located within Pitt County. IndustryFIRST Committee Members include:

Dr. Richard Ericson, PCDC Board Member
Shane Ernst, Community Representative
Ed Gallagher, PCDC Board Member
Kathy Howard, NCER Partnership
Bob Jones, ECVC, Inc.
Bonner Latham, PCDC Board Member
Dr. William Rasberry, PCDC Board Member
Carolyn Wilburn, SBTDC