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Pitt County Development Commission Receives Workforce Development Grant

Greenville NC (July 1, 2008) - The Pitt County Development Commission and the Region Q Workforce Development Board were recently awarded a $55,500 grant from the North Carolina Eastern Region Partnership (NCER) to expand and accelerate the WorkKeys assessment system and Career Readiness Certification program. NCER’s grant will allow Pitt County to create a critical mass of assessment clients to retain and recruit targeted industries creating an employer-employee-education-economic development partnership for long-term economic and community planning. Pitt County will be able to perform seven job profiles for local manufacturers based on the ACT WorkKeys model as well as assess Pitt County individuals for free.

WorkKeys, a job skills assessment system that measures real-world skills, is the basis for the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate. The certificate is a portable credential that promotes skills and career development for individuals and confirms to employers that they possess basic workplace skills in:
› Applied Mathematics
› Reading For Information
› Locating Information

The North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate is based on the ACT WorkKeys system, a nationally recognized, EEOC-compliant industry-driven system of job profiling, assessment and instructional support. The system awards three levels of certification – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Career Readiness Certificate is also an economic tool that includes a data base that is constantly updated and showcases North Carolina’s skilled workforce.

For Pitt County individuals, the Career Readiness Certificate:
› Increases chances for employment and promotion within regional manufacturer and distributor facilities
› Focuses on employment-related competencies needed in any career
› Provides training to help obtain certification
› Is a portable credential recognized by employers

Pitt County individuals who would like to take the assessment for FREE should contact the Pitt County JobLink Career Center at (252) 321-4534.

For more information about the grant, contact the Pitt County Development Commission at (252) 758-1989. For more information about the WorkKeys system or the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate, contact the Pitt County JobLink Career Center at (252) 321-4534.