Uptown Greenville, NC


Pitt County Development Commission Adopts New Logo

GREENVILLE, NC (March 23, 2015) - The Pitt County Development Commission has adopted a new logo that offers a salute to the commission’s partners as well as providing a fresh new look for the commission itself.

Dark blue, purple, green and teal representing Pitt County, ECU, PCC, Vidant and the county’s constituent communities are incorporated into a Chilhuly-inspired graphic.

Kelly Andrews, associate director for marketing and recruitment, led the team that created the design.

Ed Roberts and Rebecca Agner of ElectriCities assisted to create the look and message that the development commission staff and board wanted to convey. The services were provided at no cost to the development commission.

“Kelly, Ed and Rebecca brought us an inspired design,” PCDC Executive Director Wanda Yuhas said. “Logo design is so important but so difficult, and this team created something remarkable.”

“We depend on and value our partners,” Andrews said. “Sometimes our office leads, and sometimes a different organization is at the helm, and we play a supporting role, but we’re always intricately involved.”

The PCDC reports that early response from its colleagues and from other designers has been positive.

“Whenever we see our logo,” Andrews said, “we have a visible reminder of how interdependent we all are. While we may not need that reminder, we want our entire community, region and the state to see how we all fit together. When a client expresses, as they often do, how closely associated we all are, we want that new company to have that visual reminder.”