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North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network Holds Grand Opening in Greenville

January 31, 2018 Contact: Kelly Andrews, Associate Director Kelly.andrews@pittcountync.gov 252-902-2078 North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network Holds Grand Opening in Greenville Greenville, NC –The Pharmaceutical Services Network @Pitt Community College (PSN@PCC) opens officially on January 31, 2018. With major financial support from the Golden LEAF Foundation, the Pitt County Development Commission, NC Biotech Center, and the Pitt County Committee of 100, this facility and its partner laboratory at ECU create the East Coast's premier education and training network for the pharmaceutical industry, the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network (NCPSN). Located in Pitt County’s Technology Enterprise Center, the facility provides a simulated manufacturing environment for the production of oral solid dose medications. PSN@PCC simulates a pilot plant with lab scale equipment to teach oral solid dosage theory and manufacturing technique.   Pharma industry veteran Mike Renn directs the facility and provides instruction. ECU’s training, directed by Dr. Jack Pender, ECU Chemistry Department, provides a laboratory-based environment offering GMP/GLP courses, short courses, and analytical services. With two major pharmaceutical industry expansions in Greenville in the last four years and the majority of NC’s pharmaceutical manufacturing cluster east of Raleigh, the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network was created to address the growing need for workers trained in all aspects of pharmaceutical production. In 2014, Patheon (now Thermo Fisher Scientific) announced an expansion of nearly 500 jobs.  Mayne Pharmaceuticals was planning its own expansion, and the investment numbers combined exceeded $240 million. The two companies were involved in the development of both programs and facilities, and both donated equipment in support of the venture. The Golden LEAF Foundation awarded the year’s largest Economic Catalyst grant to develop specialized pharmaceutical training in Pitt County to support these expansions and local and state growth in the pharmaceutical industry. Golden LEAF awarded $1.1 million to ECU and $650,000 to Pitt Community  College (PCC) to establish NCPSN not only to support the corporate expansions but also to aid in the transformation of the Eastern North Carolina economy. “The PSN responds to the needs of world-class Eastern NC employers in their search for talent and skill,” said Dan Gerlach, Golden LEAF President. “We are proud to support ECU and Pitt Community College’s response to that demand.” With Golden LEAF as the catalyst, NCPSN was also made possible with the Pitt County Development Commission providing space and upgrades for PSN@PCC totaling more than $400,000, and the NC Biotech Center’s donation of equipment totaling $36,000. The Pitt County Committee of 100 committed $100,000 for specialized training, one of the group's largest contributions ever.  Additional contributions include equipment, volunteers for lectures, curriculum development, and financial support from Mayne Pharma and Thermo Fisher. “What we’ve created is a platform for training and workforce development that specifically develops skills used in the laboratory-based activities and production capabilities for oral solid dose manufacturing, including tablets and capsules. NCPSN is yet another tremendous training asset offered by North Carolina to transform life science business by training new and existing employees for North Carolina-based pharmaceutical companies,” says Mark Phillips, Vice President of Statewide Operations for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. “In addition, NCPSN will showcase this training prowess by providing services for pharma-related companies outside of North Carolina, demonstrating North Carolina’s global leadership in this area,” he concludes. The investment is already paying off for the Greenville, NC MSA both in support of existing industry and in the recruitment process. Mayne Pharma and Thermo Fisher are already training new hires and existing employees at NCPSN.  Additional training opportunities and vendor demonstrations are also in the pipeline as the two educational institutions continue to partner with pharmaceutical companies. “We are extremely grateful for the support of the Golden LEAF Foundation for this project. It would not have been possible without the Golden LEAF Board’s financial assistance,” says Wanda Yuhas, Executive Director of the Pitt County Development Commission. “Labor force is the leading element in site selection, and NCPSN insures that we are competitive for pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical support projects.” The Greenville, NC MSA has a rich history in pharmaceutical employment, education and training, and a growing presence in innovation and research, adding valuable assets to those of well-known RTP.  Forward-thinking and aggressive local, regional, and state partners provided funding and support to create a powerful North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network that has just begun to shape the workforce of tomorrow. For more information about NCPSN, go to www.ncpsn.com.