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New Growth Designs Named Tops in Industry

The Daily Reflector

December 13, 2010 - New Growth Designs of Greenville has been named the top artificial flower manufacturer of plants in pots by Kateigaho, Japan's leading luxury lifestyle magazine.

The recognition appeared in the August issue of the magazine.

Ed Glenn, New Growth Designs owner and designer, draws inspiration from his many years of work with fresh flowers and plants. His designs are assembled with precise detail in Greenville — even the roots and soil appear to be natural.

Yoshiko Kanroji, an acclaimed Japanese interior designer and founder of Puff Corp., is featured in the August issue of Kateigaho promoting the use of the fine artificial flowers available through Puff Flora and from New Growth Designs.

The publication features Kanroji's summer home on the coast in the shadow of Mount Fuji. His wife arranges flowers throughout the home, using the realistic synthetic florals available today, mixed with the natural plants and flowers growing around her home.

“Fresh flowers will always be my preference, but the new artificials are finding their place in my daily life,” she said.

The use of synthetic materials, capturing the detail, the spirit, nuance, look and feel of fresh, is making these new artificial flowers appear almost more lifelike than the ones that nature has produced.

When indoor conditions are not suitable for long-term survival of live plants, artificial botanicals are ideal.

Mrs. Kanroji and Puff Corp. are partnering with New Growth Designs to bring the best quality artificial flowers to Japanese consumers. She said she sees great potential for broader use of these botanicals in fine interior design.

Kateigaho includes New Growth Designs and Puff Flora among the top five manufacturers of fine artificial florals in today's marketplace, and New Growth Designs ranks top for plants in pots.

Puff Corp. is the distributor for New Growth Designs in Japan.