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Metrics Inc. Offers Taste Masking Technology for Tablets

September 2, 2013
The Daily Reflector

Metrics Inc. now offers proprietary technology to mask the taste of tablets.

The company’s Cleantaste technology enables polymer coating of individual drug crystals to produce fine, non-gritty particles. This technology can improve the taste and texture of drugs and can be used to support stability or deliver sustained release characteristics.

Cleantaste technology is suitable for orally dispersible tablets and encapsulated products, said Brad Gold, vice president of pharmaceutical development.

“If patients don’t take their medications because they taste bad — or they’re difficult to swallow — then that obviously can have serious detrimental effects on treatment plans and health outcomes,” Gold said. “We want to help patients comply with prescription regimens by improving the palatability of medications and making them easier to swallow. Cleantaste technology allows us to do that.”

Headquartered in Greenville, Metrics Inc. is a full-service global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organization serving clients worldwide. The addition of Cleantaste technology to Metrics’ portfolio of formulation and manufacturing capabilities is the result of its recent acquisition by Mayne Pharma Group Limited.

Together, Metrics and Mayne offer a portfolio of advanced drug delivery technologies for controlled release, bioavailability enhancement and taste masking. By collaborating with partners, the companies can develop and distribute novel prescription and over-the-counter products that offer advantages over existing products and meet unmet medical needs.

Applied appropriately, these technologies can deliver therapeutic or convenience benefits to patients, including a reduced dosing frequency, increased compliance, improved side effect profile and a more constant therapeutic effect.

Metrics’ areas of expertise include quality pharmaceutical formulation development; first-time-in-man formulations; clinical trial manufacturing for Phase I, II and III trials; and analytical method development and validation services leading to commercial scale manufacturing.