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LBA Celebrates its Golden Anniversary

GREENVILLE, NC (October 16, 2013) – LBA Group, Inc. started as Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. in 1963, providing RF consulting and program management services to a diverse and notable worldwide clientele.  Since those early days in Greenville, NC, LBA has added LBA Technology, Inc., the manufacturing unit of the company and most recently LBA University, Inc., providing online and on-site safety training.

In 1963 there was a significant need for highly skilled consulting services in the areas of radio/TV spectrum management and other RF issues. “We simply filled a need that is constantly evolving,” said LBA CEO, Lawrence Behr.

The 50 year anniversary of LBA marks the first full year of operation for LBA University. The addition of this safety training unit was a logical expansion for the company and has proven to be highly successful.

“Today the focus more and more is on how we live with RF devices that are increasingly surrounding us, so that’s why we are putting our emphasis in this area of RF risk management,” added Behr, who resides in Washington, NC.

The company’s first 50 years has included providing services for government entities and companies like AT&T, Voice of America, U.S. Army and Verizon. LBA begins its second 50 years with a strong focus on RF risk management, which includes the concepts of RF safety, RF strategy and RF management.  LBA also plans to continue growing and improving its expert consulting services to the wireless industry in the areas of regulatory compliance and interference remediation. Safety, compatibility, interference and security are all critical as it becomes more challenging than ever to address RF issues in an ever changing mobile world.

The company’s anniversary milestone comes the same year the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce honored Mr. Behr with the Small Business Leader of the Year Award. “We look forward to making more positive contributions as part of the thriving business community here in Eastern North Carolina,” said Behr.

For more information on the management, application and safety of electromagnetic energy, contact Mike Britner at: mike.britner@lbagroup.com, 252-757-0279.

Lawrence Behr holding Small Business Leader award.