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Janus Development Group Introduces Gorilla Ears

January 7, 2012
The Daily Reflector

Janus Development Group Inc. announced that it has launched the Gorilla Ears line of in-ear music monitors to meet the needs of discerning musicians and music enthusiasts who want a high-quality and reasonably priced in-ear monitor with great sound.

Gorilla Ears was created based on the market need for a lower-profile, superior-sounding in-ear monitor. Gorilla Ears allow the wearer to experience audio clarity, detail and separation while listening at a much lower sound volume than ever before. The result is a premium in-ear music monitor that offers hearing protection and conservation beyond other products on the market.

Each Gorilla Ear monitor is custom-made. Using a negative impression of the customer’s ears, Gorilla Ears are constructed from liquid acrylic, designed to withstand the moist, humid conditions of the inner ear and to contain anywhere from one to five speakers (drivers) for each ear. The result is a sound-isolating earphone that delivers a hi-fidelity sound direct to the ear canal, blocking out almost all environmental noises and disturbances.

Gorilla Ears are available in two different series, AT and GX, and each series is available in one, two, three or five drivers (speakers) configurations per ear. In addition, the two and three driver models can be ordered in a bass setup, which has a dedicated driver for the lower frequencies and is suited for bassists and drummers.

The Gorilla Ears AT series features a front-facing, non-detachable cord, ideal for motorcyclists, audiophiles and the casual user. The GX series is designed for the performing musician and features a detachable cord that wraps over and behind the ear.

“We’re confident that even the most discriminating audiophile is going to be completely blown away by the sound of these in-ears,” Alan Newton, president of Janus Development Group, said.

“And with competitive prices and a no-questions-asked installment plan, you no longer have to be a headlining act to protect your hearing.”

Founded in 2001, Janus Development Group (www.janusdevelopment.com) is a privately held S-Corporation. Its SpeechEasy product, an in-ear fluency device for people who stutter, is the smallest, most popular and most preferred fluency product available worldwide.