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Janus Announces Improvements to Anti-stuttering Device

September 2, 2013
The Daily Reflector

Janus Development Group Inc., based in Greenville, announced the most substantial product improvements to its SpeechEasy anti-stuttering device.

The improvements include both hardware and software enhancements, which will result in more client options and offer a significant reduction in background noise. The advanced device is known as the SpeechEasy V Series and is available at all SpeechEasy provider locations throughout the United States.

“The SpeechEasy V Series is a direct result of several years of client feedback and continuous testing,” Alan Newton, president of Janus Development Group, said. “Many clients use SpeechEasy daily to improve their fluency, so client comfort and background noise reduction were equally high priorities when engineering advancements for the SpeechEasy V Series. Since the introduction of SpeechEasy in 2001, we have constantly listened to our clients and our providers in order to make sure we keep improving our products to help those who stutter. We are excited about being able to add these innovations to all our SpeechEasy models and that we are able to do so without raising prices.”

SpeechEasy (www.speecheasy.com) is a division of Janus Development Group Inc., which develops portable, fluency-enhancing devices for people who stutter to speak more fluently. SpeechEasy is a synthesis of miniaturized hardware and cutting-edge digital technology that provides customized, fluency-enhancing delayed auditory feedback (DAF) and frequency altered feedback (FAF), which together produce a natural phenomenon known as the “choral effect.”

The choral effect occurs when a person’s stuttered speech is dramatically reduced or even eliminated when they speak or sing in unison with others. The choral effect has been well-documented for decades, and SpeechEasy brings these effects to a wearable device that can be used every day. Approximately three out of four people who stutter will benefit from a SpeechEasy fluency device.

SpeechEasy is dispensed by 110 licensed and trained speech language pathologists located throughout the United States.

In addition to its fluency products and services, Janus also produces premium in-ear-music monitors for musicians through its brand named Gorilla Ears. All products are serviced by full-time customer support and technicians.