Uptown Greenville, NC


Greenville, NC Featured in US Airways Magazine

Greenville, NC (April 8, 2010) - US Airways in-flight magazine features the city of Greenville, NC in its April edition. The feature is a four-part spread on the city’s businesses, culture, education, medical facilities, and history.

Greensboro, NC publishing company Pace Communications publishes the magazine. Pace selected Greenville as its destination profile, approached the visitors bureau and city officials, and visited Greenville several times in January and February.

The articles were written by local residents Marion Blackburn, Nancy Oakley and Martha Williamson.

According to Pace Communication officials, the destination profile is the most-read feature each month reaching as many as 5 million people.

Pitt County’s diverse local economy was a component of the feature.

“The elements of our old economy are morphing into the elements of a new technology-based economy,” Pitt County Development Commission Executive Director Wanda Yuhas told the magazine.

The Greenville, NC MSA was selected one of America’s 100 Best Communities for Young People in 2009. Greenville also was recognized in 2009 by Forbes as #2 best small place for business and careers, and Sports Illustrated and the National Parks and Recreation Association named Greenville “Sportstown, USA.”

The full US Airways article on Greenville is available online at http://www.usairwaysmag.com/city_profiles/city/greenville_nc/