Uptown Greenville, NC


Genome ID Group, LLC Opens Advanced Forensic DNA Laboratory in Greenville, NC

GREENVILLE, NC (November 25, 2013) - Genome ID Group, LLC has established a state of the art laboratory facility, known as The Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™ (CAFDA), in Greenville, NC. The company is known for developing practical applications for advanced DNA analysis methods to create unique solutions in the field of forensic human identification. The project was a joint effort of Pitt County and the City of Greenville with support from the NC Biotechnology Center.

CAFDA, located at 2305 Executive Park Circle in Greenville, NC, currently employs ten highly qualified professionals, but plans to ramp up to 130 and expand within its 11,000 square feet building in line with business growth.

When we launched Greenville’s economic development office, we determined that our focus should be to continue to grow our City’s economy on the strong university-medical base already in place,” said City of Greenville Economic Development Officer Carl Rees.  “We are thrilled that this cutting edge life science company has chosen Greenville as its home.”

The Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™ is a full service forensic genomics laboratory, offering advanced forensic analysis of biological evidence from crime scenes leading to comprehensive casework resolution. Fueled by the need for next generation technology solutions in the expeditious resolution of criminal casework, CAFDA supports law enforcement, local and federal government agencies and the intelligence community in the fight against crime and terror. The company is focused on identifying and applying proven scientific solutions to fit the challenging tasks and casework needs for DNA identification.

Genome ID Group’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Kevin McElfresh, is a recognized thought leader in forensic DNA analysis, and has played a key role in the development and evolution of technology and its application to crime scene casework analysis from the inception of DNA analysis within forensic science in the 1980s.

“We are committed to the sharing of ideas and technologies that raise the bar in forensic DNA science, that advance the industry through best practices and proven technology applications from medicine and other areas of science that can be applied to the field of forensic DNA so that we have the best tools available to serve those who fight crime and terror,” Michael Heffernan, CEO, Genome ID Group, LLC, said.  “We are remarkably impressed by the level of support provided by Carl Rees and the City of Greenville, Wanda Yuhas and Pitt County Development Commission and Mark Phillips and his colleagues at the NC Biotechnology Center. Together they joined forces seamlessly to provide us every support and encouragement in selecting Greenville for our advanced laboratory operations. We are appreciative of all the support from the NC agencies who continue to provide us access and guidance as we accelerate our business.”

This past September, Genome ID Group hosted the first SNPForum™ conference, focusing on “New Technologies and How Best to Advance Forensic Community in the 21st Century." The conference was attended by leading scientists and thought leaders in forensic DNA science and education. The Company plans to host SNPForum 2014 in Greenville in June.

“The Pitt County Development Commission has been working for many years to develop a life sciences cluster, and adding a company of such high caliber to our existing biotechnology base is valuable in multiple ways,” noted Wanda Yuhas, Executive Director of the Pitt County Development Commission.  “Besides the close collaboration between the City and the County, the support provided by the NC Biotechnology Center, NC Commerce Rural division, and the Pitt County Committee of 100 enabled us to secure this project.”

The life sciences company base in Eastern Region continues to grow, according to Mark Phillips, Executive Director of the NC Biotechnology Center Eastern Regional office. The Center contributed $50,000 in an economic development award to the project. “This part of the state has a critical mass of bioscience companies,” Phillips said. “The location of Genome ID Group reinforces that we have the infrastructure and the labor force to sustain continued growth in the life sciences.”

Local leaders say this company is a good example of how local citizens have an impact on economic development.  Phillip Horne, former president and CEO of the Foundation of Renewal for Eastern NC, convinced the company to consider Greenville and arranged the first meeting with the County, City, and Eastern Office of the Biotech Center.  Until then, the company was only considering the Triangle as a possible North Carolina location.

The partners involved in this project include the NC Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division, Pitt County, Pitt County Development Commission, the Pitt County Committee of 100, City of Greenville, City of Greenville Economic Development office, and the NC Biotechnology Center.

“We are extremely excited about Genome ID Group deciding to locate their forensic DNA lab in Pitt County,” said Jimmy Garris, Chair of the Pitt County Board of Commissioners.  “We welcome any company or business to Pitt County, but are very pleased when a company with leading edge technology like Genome ID Group decides to locate here.  We look forward to partnering with them as they continue to grow their business in our community.”

For more information on Genome ID Group, LLC and the Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™, visit their website at http://advancedforensicdna.com/.