Uptown Greenville, NC


ECVC Named 2008-09 Pitt County Industry of the Year

Greenville, NC (February 24, 2009) — Eastern Carolina Vocational Center (ECVC), Inc. has been selected as Pitt County’s Industry of the Year for 2009. Each year the Pitt County Development Commission (PCDC) solicits nominations from Pitt County citizens to recognize a manufacturer or distributor that has surpassed the already high corporate standards in this community. This year PCDC revamped the Industry of the Year requirements to better reflect the mission to maintain a sustainable economy. The new criteria includes: human sustainability, social sustainability, economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability. ECVC was selected because they exemplified all of those criteria as well as a commitment to the community, commitment to their employees, and commitment to being the best in their industry.

“During these challenging economic times, companies like ECVC are an anchor in our industrial community ” says PCDC Executive Director Wanda Yuhas, “They are a source of pride for us all.”

ECVC Inc. began as the Eastern Carolina Sheltered Workshop and Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Inc. in 1965. The center was housed at 1600 North Greene Street in the old Brightleaf building while funds were being raised to build a facility on Staton Road. In 1967, the program opened for business with four staff members and 27 clients. ECVC purchased the former TRW building located at 2100 North Greene Street in 2006 and now employs over 240 people at both locations. They provide job training and employment services to persons with disabilities in Pitt County and eastern North Carolina. They fund their mission through the manufacturing of picture/certificate frames and battery terminal lugs, battery packaging & distribution, custom framing and chair caning, and commingled recyclables sorting services.

The company’s commitment to human capital is evident not only through their mission but through their actions as well. Employees have access to employee assistance programs, health fairs and medical screenings, tuition reimbursement programs, and training to help improve skills. These same employees also invest their time and dollars in our community. They are members of local civic clubs, sit on various government and community boards, and volunteer their time and services to enhance the community. ECVC is a strong supporter of tolerance and compassion and it’s reflected in their mission.

Due to their social entrepreneurial spirit, ECVC has been awarded many government contracts that allow the company to be self-sustaining and has also received many prestigious award for their commitment to productivity improvements, new technology and longevity in their market.

Finally, ECVC’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through partnerships with Pitt County, Pitt County School Systems and other local organizations. The company operates the County’s Materials Recovery Facility and offers free office paper pick-up for Pitt Community College, area schools, and local industries.

“This spirit of social entrepreneurialism and innovation is one of the reasons that they make a great Industry of the Year, particularly during these tough economic times” said Ed Dennis, PCDC Board Chairman.

Since 1997, PCDC has recognized an outstanding manufacturer or distributor for their contributions to the community. Previous recipients include Procter & Gamble, NACCO, Collins & Aikman, The Roberts Company, Grady-White Boats, ASMO, Winterville Machine Works, The Hammock Source, AccuCopy, DSM, and Metrics.

The award will be presented to ECVC at the annual Existing Industry Appreciation Reception on February 24th, 2009. This year’s reception is sponsored by the Pitt County Development Commission and Greenville Utilities Commission.