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DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Named Pitt County Industry of the Year

Greenville, NC (February 19, 2013) -- DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been selected as Pitt County’s Industry of the Year for 2012-2013. Each year, the Pitt County Development Commission requests nominations from Pitt County citizens to recognize a manufacturer or distributor that best represents our community as a model corporate citizen in specific selection criteria.  The criteria include demonstrated achievements in human, social, economic and environmental sustainability.

“DSM is our first repeat winner for this award,” Existing Industries Coordinator, Scott Poag says.  “They first received the award in 2007, and since then have made even greater strides in quality, safety and community impact.  This year, they will again be honored for their continuous improvement, ongoing growth and overall success.”

DSM’s 1.5 million square foot Greenville facility is located in 29 buildings on a 640-acre site.  The site’s engineering and operational capabilities make it one of the world’s leading facilities for the manufacture of aseptic liquid fill and lyophilized products and oral dosage forms, along with related services.  DSM has invested over $160 million since 2001 to ensure that Greenville continues to offer state-of-the-art technology, from production and quality processes to project management systems and regulatory support.

In 2012, DSM added 139 positions in Greenville.  This growth stems from the demand for reliable and flexible pharmaceutical services for which DSM is known.   For example, when a current supplier of a cervical cancer medicine was shut down by the FDA due to regulatory compliance violations, DSM was able to put the product, which was on the U.S. and global drug shortage list, back on the market within a year.  This process normally takes around 3 years, and DSM is one of very few companies with the operating capabilities to make this type of product.  Performance is the differentiator that drives growth, but in this case, DSM’s performance literally helped save lives.  “We never lose sight of what impact we have as individuals on people we will never know or meet,” Carson Sublett, DSM Vice President, Operations and Site Manager says.

In addition to the jobs and capital investment that DSM provides for Pitt County, there are significant employee and community-related investments that make them an outstanding corporate citizen.  Employee engagement, leadership, performance management and a strict code of ethics are critical to ensuring DSM’s success.  In their annual survey’s employee engagement metrics, improvement has been at or near double digits over the past year.

DSM boasts a strong health benefit program with many additional health and wellness programs.  They have been recognized by the American Heart Association two years in a row as a Platinum Award recipient for workplace health and wellness, which puts DSM in the top 10% of all companies in the U.S. for the promotion, investment and performance of employee health and wellbeing.

DSM recognizes that their business success is dependent upon highly trained and educated employees.  There is customized training available for each employee,  and technical development is offered through programs at East Carolina University, Pitt Community College and other training delivery organizations.  “The commitment of our talented employees and contractors to service is testimony to the power of operating a business in Pitt County, North Carolina,” Sublett says.  “This award is recognition of the great team who works together every day to save and enhance the lives of people around the world."

Giving back to the community is also ingrained in the company culture at DSM.  Contributions and participation in many charitable organizations such as the United Way, Relay for Life, American Heart Association, March of Dimes and others show their commitment to the community.  DSM has contributed equipment and technology to Operation Sunshine, Pitt Community College and East Carolina University, and personnel served on the steering team to develop an intern and co-op program.  DSM also partners with Pitt County Schools and sponsors Excellence in Education tours.

DSM is known as well for its environmental and conservation efforts.  They have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as a leader in the reduction of energy usage.   Overall, the Greenville facility contributes to DSM’s ongoing global recognition as one of the top sustainability companies in the world.

Above all, DSM is acutely aware that the products they make not only improve the quality of life of consumers, but also in many cases saves lives.  Laura Parks, President and Business Unit Director says, “We’re delighted to receive this award.  We have a dedicated team of people that strive every day to meet the stringent needs of our customers in supplying safe, affordable medicines to patients the world over. Pitt County provides a great operating environment for our business and our mission.”

The Pitt County Development Commission is proud to honor DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for their many contributions to Pitt County.  DSM will be recognized at the annual Existing Industries Reception on February 19, 2013.  The reception is sponsored by the Pitt County Development Commission and Greenville Utilities Commission.

For more information, contact Inger Harrison, DSM Human Resources

(252) 707-2382, Inger.harrison@dsm.com.