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DSM Launches New Logo and Mission Statement

By K.J. Williams
The Daily Reflector

February 24, 2011 - One of Greenville's largest employers announced changes Wednesday it believes will help the company grow locally and worldwide.

With the launch of a new mission statement and logo, DSM announced it will be refocusing from its chemical-company roots to a business more oriented in life sciences and material sciences.

That's a perfect fit for DSM's sprawling facility north of Greenville, an official said. The plants here make pharmaceuticals and high-performance materials including the bullet-proof fabric, kevlar.

“There are development activities to combine the high-performance materials with medical applications,” said Hans Engles, president and business unit director of DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc., a DSM subsidiary in Greenville. DSM is based in the Netherlands.

“The Greenville side represents both areas of focus with material science and life science in one campus,” he said. “Therefore it's been the center of the new strategy.”

Engles said the changes were “very exciting, especially since our business is one of the major contributors to the growth ambitions. DSM's vision is focused growth and the focus of the growth is on the fast-growing economies, innovation and sustainability,” Engles added.

He said the sustainability focus will be on “green activities, biofuels, decompositioning materials, reducing the carbon footprint” and on mergers and acquisitions.

The company's plans call for acquiring small- to mid-sized businesses in material and life sciences, he added.

New signage and logos will be installed later this year at the Greenville facility.

The logo appears in vibrant colors with the words: Brighter Science. Brighter Living.

It's designed to emphasize the company's use of science and innovation to promote better, healthier lives, according to a news release.

The new logo and company focus were unveiled to employees at a global telecom meeting last week attended by many employees of the Greenville facility, who were transported by bus to the Greenville Convention Center to take part.

In the last few years, DSM has discontinued its base chemicals operations, and in the last 12 years has acquired several companies, including a biomedical business in 2008.

Its new strategy includes a focus on increasing sales to China and other countries. Officials expect the innovative side of the business to grow in areas including bio-based products and biomedical.

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