Uptown Greenville, NC


CMI Plastics Relocates to Ayden, NC

Greenville, NC (March 27, 2007) - CMI Plastics of Cranbury , New Jersey announced today that they will relocate their company, including corporate offices, to Ayden , North Carolina in the Greenville , NC MSA. The company will build a 70,000 square foot state of the art thermoforming plant on 13 acres in the Minges Corporate Park.

“Having had the opportunity to meet some of the executives with this company, I rejoice in the fact that they have chosen our County as the place to transfer their complete operation,” says Beth Ward, Chair of the County Board of Commissioners. “The leaders of this company are very sensitive to their employees and their needs, and reflect a genuine interest in keeping the integrity of their company intact. Their values match perfectly with the people of eastern North Carolina . We’re happy they are choosing to call Pitt County their home.”

According to CMI CEO, Steven Hasselbach, Sr., the company expects to invest $10 million during its first year and $23 million over a three year period. CMI will employ 85 people initially, expanding to 165 as additional production lines are added.

“This relocation and expansion is necessary in order to accommodate for our rapidly growing business and to keep us contending with our main competitors that have overseas operations,” says Steve Hasselbach, Jr., President of CMI. “ Pitt County has offered us a great opportunity to expand our business in a place with all of the factors we were looking for: support from the community, low overhead, high availability of employees, and a wonderful environment to nurture and grow our business and our families.”

“This is a perfect example of our One North Carolina Program working to help local communities and assisting good companies like CMI Plastics to make the decision to locate in NC,” says State Department of Commerce developer Donna Phillips. “I am pleased they chose North Carolina for their new home and look forward to helping them grow and prosper in the future.” Phillips was the first point of contact for CMI, and helped the company determine which counties could best meet their needs.

CMI designs, tests, forms, packs, and ships product for the cosmetics and medical industries. The company also thermoforms product for the marine industry, and is well-known for its custom design work throughout the packaging industry. Focusing on roll fed thin gauge forming, cut sheet forming, and contract packaging, the company itself and its individual staff are known as one of the best in their business. With the increased demand for quick turn around, complex geometries, and rapid prototyping, the company has begun doing all of its tooling work in house and has since tripled its sales numbers.

“So many of our recruitment targets are part of the CMI product mix,” says PCDC Executive Director, Wanda Yuhas. The fact that they’re great people to work with is a wonderful bonus.” Yuhas also notes that teamwork was crucial to securing this relocation.
“The Pitt County Development Commission was most fortunate to have a dedicated team working to help us locate this project,” she says. “Paul Kauffmann and the ECU Department of Engineering provided consulting services in a variety of areas. Lynn Creech from Pitt Community College worked directly with CMI’s human resources department to determine training needs and how to deliver them. Bobby Evans from Farrior and Sons helped the Hasselbachs move their project from the conceptual stage to the reality of blueprints. Our Committee of 100 provided financial support, and our own Board and County Commissioners were, as always, backing our efforts all the way,” she concludes.

Arthur Hasselbach, Sr. founded Consolidated Models, Inc. in 1939. First located in the Bronx , New York , the company’s first product offering was balsa wood model airplane kits. In the late 1950s, Consolidated Models began producing models kits for the Boy Scouts of America, such as the “Pinewood Derby” Kit. The Hasselbach family produced this item for over 40 years. In addition, CMI began manufacturing their first production plastic parts to serve as packaging for their product, which evolved into plastic blister packaging for all types of components.

In 1960 Consolidated Models moved to Cranbury , NJ from New York City , and packaging accounted for 75% of total annual sales. The business grew into a forming and contract packaging company and began to phase out model kits.

Consolidated Models worked on the Apollo Space Program, forming the battery housings for the Lunar Lander Module. The company expanded its plastics forming capabilities until forming and packaging became its complete focus. Medical packaging for Johnson & Johnson added a new, high-end product line, and Stephen Hasselbach, assumed leadership of his father’s company and won several awards for excellence in medical packaging by creating clean cutting processes for inline forming jobs.

The company continued medical device packaging products, and also developed a strong presence in the cosmetic and beauty product field. L'Oreal, Coty, and Parfums de Coeur as well as a number of British companies are the core of that business segment. Now a third generation runs the company created by Arthur Hasselbach. President Steven, Jr. and Vice President Mark Hasselbach proudly continue the tradition of innovation, quality, and integrity that has made CMI a leader in its industry.