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CMI Plastics, Inc. Announces First Champions of “Victory for a Cause”

Ayden, NC  (November 16, 2010) - Today, CMI Plastics, Inc. named the first two Champions of “Victory for a Cause”, an awareness campaign to help fight childhood cancer.

His name is Mikel Wilkins and he is seven years old. He was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia on October 22, 2009.  He lives in Rocky Mount with his Parents and maternal Grandmother. Mikel also has autism so it can be more difficult for him to adjust to his multiple hospitalizations and clinic visits where he receives chemotherapy treatments.  He will have at least seven to nine more months of chemotherapy appointments and has not been able to return to school since diagnosis. Mikel is generally very positive, enjoys cartoons and movies and has a great family! Mikel’s sponsor team was the 97 PGSA Classic Green Soccer Team. The girls, along with Coach Darren Dawson and Manager Nanette Cicmanec, gave Mikel an autographed soccer ball and a PGSA sweatshirt. Mikel’s family also received a check for five hundred dollars from the “Victory for a Cause” fund. Through the teams’ victories and hard work this season, they earned this money to be given to Mikel.

Pictured above: Mikel Wilkins with his loving family, Darren Dawson, coach of the 97 PGSA Classic Green Soccer team along with the players, and Mark and Steve Hasselbach of CMI Plastics

Our next Champion is Amber Forbes.  Amber was diagnosed with cancer at age 12 and treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for several years.  Cancer returned several years later and Amber finally had to have her leg amputated.  She continues to receive chemotherapy treatments. The Forbes family lost all of their belongings and house during Hurricane Floyd and have been battling back ever since.  She lives at home with her mother and father and has a younger sister. Amber is a very kind, caring person who enjoys working with children and helping others, in spite of all of the difficult things she has been through.  Ambers’ sponsor team was the PGSA CMI Plastics Adult Soccer Team. Amber received a check for five hundred dollars from the “Victory for a Cause” fund.

Pictured above: Members of the CMI Plastics PGSA Adult soccer team along with Amber Forbes.

“CMI Plastics would like to thank Ms. Jacque Sauls, the Director of Rainbow Services/Child Life at the Brody School of Medicine/ East Carolina University. Without her help we would not have met our Champions.  Thank you for everything,” said Steven Hasselbach, President of CMI Plastics, Inc.

Victory for a Cause is a program started by CMI Plastics, Inc of Ayden, NC. The money that was given to our Champions’ families this week was donated by CMI Plastics and their employees.  We feel it is critical to help raise awareness as well as directly help the families that have been affected by this disease. To learn more go to www.cmiplastics.com and click on “Victory for a Cause” or go to www.victoryforacause.com.