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Accu-Link Receives Building Reuse Grant

Accu-Link Receives Building Reuse Grant

has received a $150,000 Building Reuse grant from the N.C Rural Infrastructure Authority. This grant will support the renovation of the 12,000-square-foot building they currently occupy to help build a world-class, food-grade facility.

AccuFlex of Greenville, Inc., a new division of the company, will manufacture flexible packaging for food, pet food, and other products for distribution throughout the southeast United States. The project is expected to create 32 jobs, with a private investment of $3.8 million.

“We are very excited to be bringing the first all-digital flexible packaging manufacturing plant in the Carolinas to Greenville,” said AccuLink President Tom O’Brien. “Currently there are only a few all-digital flexible packaging manufacturers in the US and even fewer who will be manufacturing sustainable, recyclable and compostable packaging. As part of what is expected to be an almost $5mm investment, we will be one of only about a handful of companies who are investing in electron beam curing equipment required to produce flexible packaging that can be recycled.”

The Building Reuse Program provides grants and loans to local governments to renovate vacant buildings, renovate and/or expand a building occupied by an existing North Carolina company, and/or renovate, expand or construct health care facilities that lead to the creation of new, full-time jobs. Pitt County Government was the grant applicant for AccuLink.

“We are happy to see a local company growing,” said Pitt County Development Commission Executive Director Scott Darnell. “These projects are important as they provide job opportunities for our local citizens and continue to increase our tax base.”

Packaging impacts everyone daily. With AccuLink’s investment, they will be able to offer minimum order quantities at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturers by offering a product that competes favorable with traditional packaging manufacturers. Thus, small companies and home-based businesses will be able to package their products with the same quality packaging currently available to multi-million-dollar brands.

“We are excited that we will be bringing prospective customers to Greenville who might not otherwise have a reason to visit the city. We are equally excited that we will be bringing more jobs to Greenville in an industry that is growing as fast as almost any industry in the US today,” noted President and General Manager of the AccuFlex Packaging Division Tim Mages. “We hope to be producing packaging before the end of March 2020.”