Labor Availability

Greenville Labor Market Area

Labor Draw Area of Greenville includes all of Pitt County, most of Greene County, the major population centers in Lenoir County (Kinston), Beaufort County (Washington), Martin County (Williamston), and Edgecombe County (Tarboro) as well as portions of Wilson and Craven Counties. Approximately 270,000 people live in this area which constitutes a 25 mile radius from Greenville, North Carolina. The Division of Employment Security Commission considers this to be a realistic commuting range, particularly in rural areas of eastern North Carolina, where job opportunities are limited, and people have demonstrated a willingness to commute 30 to 40 miles in search of steady employment. (The radiating highway systems extending from Greenville to surrounding population centers also serves to facilitate access to and from Greenville.) See Transportation section for a map of Pitt County.

The following information represents Division of Employment Security information on the Greenville Labor Recruiting area. This represents the number of persons who have registered for work with the Division of Employment Security offices in the area. This does not include all available labor since additional workers may be recruited from other sources such as housewives, persons now commuting out of the area, etc. that have not registered with DES as seeking employment.

  • Recruiting area covers a radius of 25 road miles.
  • Approximate driving time 30 minutes.
  • Recruiting area population 269,445. Percent in North Carolina 100%.
  • Estimated labor force 130,019.
  • Registered applicants 14,628.
  • High school graduates entering labor force 170 (excludes graduates who continued their education or who did not seek employment)

  Persons RegisteredWork Experience
MilesTotalMaleFemale0-6 months7-24 months24+ months

TotalProfessional, Technical, ManagerialClerical, SalesServiceFarming, Fish, ForestryProcessing
Machine TradesBench WorkStructural WorkMisc. Occupations Partials




Major Occupational Class Descriptions

Professional, Technical, and ManagerialPersons concerned with theoretical or practical aspects of art, science, engineering, education, medicine, law, business relations, administrative, managerial and technical work.
Clerical and SalesPersons concerned with preparing, transcribing, transferring, systematizing and preserving written communications and records, collecting accounts, distributing information, and influencing customers in favor of a commodity or service.
ServicePersons concerned with performing tasks in households, serving individuals in institutions and in commercial or other establishments, or with protecting the public against crime, fire, and accidents.
Farming, Fishing, and ForestryPersons concerned with growing, harvesting, catching, and gathering land and aquatic plant and animal life and products thereof.
ProcessingPersons concerned with refining, mixing, compounding, chemically treating, heat treating, or similarly working materials and products.
Machine TradesPersons concerned with feeding, tending, operating, controlling and setting up machines to cut, bore, mill, abrade, print and work such materials as metal, paper, wood and stone.
BenchworkPersons concerned with use of handtools and bench machines to fit, carve, mold, paint, sew, assemble, inspect, repair and similarly work small objects and materials.
StructuralPersons concerned with fabricating, erecting, installing, paving, painting, and repairing structures such as buildings, bridges, roads, motor vehicles, cables, engines, etc.
MiscellaneousPersons concerned with transportation services, packaging and warehousing, utilities, amusement, recreation, logging, graphic arts.
PartialsPersons who have registered for work but whose applications have not been assigned an occupation class. Most of these applicants are job ready.