Discharged Military Personnel

There are six major military installations within 2 hours drive of Greenville – four within 60 miles. These bases discharge thousands of skilled individuals every year, many who prefer to remain in the area to take advantage of base privileges available to them after discharge (shopping and medical services, etc.). Several local employers have been successful in recruiting well-qualified personnel from these facilities.

BaseCurrent Active Duty Military
New River MCAS Jacksonville, NC7,499
Cherry Point MCAS Havelock, NC 8,587
Camp LeJeune USMC Jacksonville, NC45,622
Seymour Johnson AFB Goldsboro, NC4,600
Fort Bragg (US Army) Fayetteville, NC52,280
Pope Army Airfield Fayetteville, NC2,500



The web-based tool MatchForce, at, is maintained by the NC Military Business Center (NCMBC) and directly matches job seekers to North Carolina jobs, North Carolina businesses to government contracts, and government purchasers to NC suppliers.

North Carolina businesses can create a business profile on MatchForce to:

  1. Post jobs to match to potential employees;
  2. Review individual profiles for potential qualified candidates for employment;
  3. List NAICS codes and keywords to match to federal contracts; and
  4. Learn about federal contract opportunities.

Job seekers can create an individual profile on MatchForce to:

  1. List their skill keywords to match to jobs; and
  2. Search jobs in their area.

Local businesses, government agencies, and individuals must register at MatchForce before participating in any of its services.  Registration is free.